MOT Authorisation can be withdrawn according to MOT Guidelines on the subject, for a single instance of any one of the following circumstances:-

1. Fraud, Dishonesty or Gross Negligence, defined as follows:-

Improper issue of or recording of a VT20/VT40,
• such as where a nominated Tester (NT) issues such documents without personally being present at the test,
• or by taking a bribe
• or completing the test too quickly
• or issuing a replacement or duplicate certificate without justification.

2. Convictions

Authorisation will be withdrawn where the AE or his partner or co-director is convicted of any criminal offence which in VOSA’s opinion may damage the reputation and or integrity of the VTS scheme, particularly where the conviction relates to the scheme or to the motor trade in general. Such offences as defined under the Trading Standards law including “clocking” and miss-description would qualify as sufficient to warrant cancellation of authorisation.

3. Misuse of Authorisation

• Where authorisation has already been withdrawn but the former AE continues
• or where he was partly authorised but continued as if fully authorised,
• or where back-dated certificates are issued or certificates are improperly issued to a vehicle the AE is selling,
• or where he (or she) commits an assault,
these also are reasons for withdrawal of authorisation and probably will lead to further charges.MOT guidance explains in what circumstances an Authorised Examiners (AE) MOT authorisation will be withdrawn for single instances by the AE, Employee or agent.

Published: 20 Jun 2014


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