Training your staff….a financial investment….what return will you get from it?

It is commonplace within the motoring industry for employers to pay for training for their staff, either to begin their career as a mechanic, or accountant, or to enhance or refresh the skill base of more experienced staff.

However, you don’t want to make an investment in your staff without getting a decent return. Whilst yes you will benefit from the enhanced training in the first instance, if the employee leaves your employment shortly afterwards, another employer is going to benefit from your investment.

As such, it is best practice to have a policy in place that gives you the opportunity to recover some of the training costs incurred if the employee leaves your employment within a set period of time. For example;

Should your employment cease, regardless of whom terminates the employment relationship you will be obligated to repay, or for the Employer to deduct from your final wages the following percentage of the training fees.

-    Between 1 week and 4 weeks of completing the training 100%
-    Between 4 weeks and 3 months of completing the training 75%
-    Between 3 months and 6 months of completing the training 50%
-    Between 6 and 12 months completing the training 25%

Make sure the Employee is fully aware of the above obligations and that they have clearly signed the relevant policy to enforce this understanding.



Published: 04 Aug 2014


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