Consumer Rights Bill

This has been going through the law making process for longer than one could possibly have imagined.  It has now reached a stage where, on 13 October 2014 the House of Lords will examine each line of the bill.  Given that it runs to 129 pages it may take some time before things gets beyond that point.

Of course, my biggest grumble is that it will eventually come out in way that is designed with the sale of new goods very much in mind.  Certainly not “geared” towards the second hand car market and goods that are often 10 years old when sold, already significantly worn out and a fraction of the “as new” price.

Not, I would imagine, that a District Judge is likely to have had to make such a purchase for a long time.  And given the bizarre rulings set by the courts in more and more cases, I’m thinking of putting together a book of them.  Problem is, convincing the publishers not to treat the compilation as a work of fiction.

Time to get off my well worn soap box now.

Authors: Jason Williams

Published: 01 Sep 2014


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