The Bribery Act

A new piece of legislation due to be enacted is the Bribery Act.  It has wide implications for motor dealers since, in dealing with a relatively high value commodity, it would not be surprising that a few ‘back handers’ did not happen from time to time from employees who can influence the buying position particularly in areas of fleet sales.

The offence is to fail to prevent bribery and corruption occurring within an organisation and it does not require knowledge of the offence.  For Directors there is a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment and unlimited fines (and also for the company itself).

The potential risk is high since the defamation of bribery is any inducement that encourages someone to treat another more favourably.  Vouchers, holidays, golf ….. the scope is wide.  The government are due to publish guidance notes.

Are they having a go after the scandal over MP’s expenses?

Published: 11 May 2010


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