Caution when chased for payment by business directory organisations

We have received concerns from clients about two business directory companies, ‘Industry and Commerce’ and ‘Clever Business Directory’.

The companies seek to argue that at some stage the business has signed to be included in the business directory but our clients consider the terms of the alleged contract were not brought to their attention and hidden in ‘small print’.  

If you receive communications from either company please let your local Trading Standards Office know and if you want advice as a member please contact us.

Authors: Dennis Chapman

Published: 23 Oct 2014


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Dennis Chapman - Lawgistics Ltd (09/12/2014)
Hi Jessica, I would suggest you talk with Trading Standards. They will collate the details, and advise you.
Jessica (09/12/2014)
They have contacted our company and I have done the same what do u advise

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