Customer Care and less can be more

We see it many times – the dealer and the customer are almost at locked horns from the time the wallet is opened and the car keys are taken off the hook.  The words used reflect the psychology.  The dealer will say the customer ‘bought the car’ and the customer will say the dealer ‘sold me the car’ implying that it was the other one that got them into this mess. 

Recently we had a client who had sold a very cheap vehicle to a customer and the locking system was faulty.  The dealer agreed to repair it and it took a little longer to get the part because the dealer didn’t want to pay main dealer price for a new part.  A reasonable decision. The customer contacted the dealer because time was ticking by.  However, the dealer was minded to relay the whole level of his reasoning why to go for a cheaper item in his reply.  No!  It will only inflame the customer and you will end up with bad reviews on the internet. 

Be courteous, professional and just say you are working on it.  If you sell a cheap car you run the risk of having to sort out a few more problems but don’t take it out on the customer!

Authors: Dennis Chapman

Published: 21 Nov 2014


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kevin HIQ Car Sales (27/11/2014)
I recognise this situation!

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