Reminder - Payment of Apprenticeship Wages

A reminder as to the minimum wage requirements for apprentices; if the apprentice is between the ages of 16 and 18 (inclusive) then they are entitled to the apprentice wage of £2.73 per hour. This should cover the apprentice’s times for working for you and also time spent studying and training as part of their apprenticeship, i.e. to attend day release at school or college.

This rate will also apply to apprentices aged 19 and over, but ONLY for the FIRST YEAR of their apprenticeship. As soon as the anniversary date of their apprenticeship passes, you MUST increase their wages to at least the minimum wage rate for their age bracket (£5.13 -18-20, or £6.50 for 21+).

Apprentices must also be issued with contracts of employment, which contain the correct apprenticeship agreement information, and not a standard contract of employment. Please refer to our website for a downloadable template which you can utilise here.



Published: 19 Jan 2015


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