Business Rates Scams - no win no fee?

We get a steady trickle of complaints concerning these organisations who seem ever ready to fleece you of your hard earned cash for very little effort.  It’s often the same circumstances - professional looking person strolls in and asks you to sign some paperwork, in return they will reduce your rates. It sounds simple because it’s NO WIN NO FEE! WRONG - the T+C's on the CONTRACT you have signed will allow them to claim fees even if you get your reduction through another means!

DO NOT SIGN without reading the small print.  If you are a Lawgistics Member - pass it through for us to check it over. 

Small Business and Professional members can have their contracts reviewed by our legal team as part of the casework included within their membership.

Authors: Dennis Chapman

Published: 19 Jan 2015


To ensure you are a real person signing up and to prevent automated signups (spamming) could we ask you to copy the letters and numbers shown below into the box.

(cAse SeNSItivE!)

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