Pre Election Promises – What changes could the election bring for businesses?

With the election only a few months away, we will be looking at what promises and pitfalls some parties intend to implement should they come to power.

In the news this week, Ed Milliband has announced that he wants to issue more rights for new fathers, on top of the new rules coming into force regarding Shared Parental Leave. Milliband proposes to increase the period of Ordinary Paternity Leave, from 2 to 4 weeks. This will also be paid at double the rate of Ordinary Paternity Leave, which will be approximately £260.00 per week. He doesn’t make representations that the same courtesy will be granted for maternity leave at this stage, but we are sure that question will be raised in due course! This will of course have yet more financial implications on businesses.

It would seem the Liberal Democrats are also keen to push for more rights for new fathers but as yet have not asserted any proposals, they instead have focused on looking into minimum wage and looking to increase it again post election.


Published: 17 Feb 2015


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