2015 Car Dealer Power Awards – VOTE LAWGISTICS

Car Dealer Magazine need your help to discover the manufacturers and suppliers who do their best for you, who gives the best support to and who goes the extra mile for their clients. It’s time for the Car Dealer Power Awards.

The biggest and most comprehensive survey within the industry. There are lots of questions about manufacturers and suppliers, quality of service, quality of product. Who you use for finance, website design and most importantly for us at Lawgistics, who do you use for warranty products.

We are putting Lawgistics forward in the Warranty Product and Extra Mile categories.

If you use Lawgistics Driver Options and are happy with the product, vote for us in the Warranty Product category.

Also, if you use our legal services or receive the legal updates would you say we go that little bit further to help you? If so please vote for us in the Extra Mile category.

The survey will give a comprehensive overview of how manufacturers and suppliers perform. What they are good or not so good at, how helpful they are and whether they go that extra mile to help their clients.

Thursday 23rd April is the date of the Car Dealer Power Awards, they need the survey completed by March 31, so only weeks left to register your views.

The survey is anonymous so you can put whatever you think, we like to think that it will all be nice.


Authors: Joel Combes

Published: 09 Mar 2015


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