Bang goes the theory!

I happened across this article in Car Dealer Magazine and it got me thinking about how far you really should be going to please/appease your customers.

Of course, if you provide excellent customer service above and beyond your legal obligations then you will probably have a very successful business, however, should you really need to provide a ‘Gold Standard’ customer service to have a successful business?

Many customers will shout from the rooftops that they have ‘rights’ and they will ‘see you in court’ if you do not give them exactly what they want, when they want it. However, in my opinion the key to good customer care is setting realistic expectations and dealing with any issues that arise in a sensitive and measured manner. Our new booklet 'Your Legal Rights Explained' demonstrates this to your customers.

In the era of social media it is all too easy for customers to leave damning reviews about traders on review sites. These can be damaging and are often grossly unfair. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your customer’s do not leave you so disgruntled that they feel compelled to rant and rave all over the internet.

Having said that, you are not required to capitulate to unreasonable demands. Whilst, we can advise you how to avoid court claims by acting within the law, being ‘reasonable’ is often the key to heading issues off at the pass. A balance is required to maintain good customer relations.

Being ‘reasonable’ is all about ensuring the customer goes away satisfied and content with their purchase or the service provided. If things go wrong, which they do from time to time, then listen to the customer and explain how you will seek to resolve their complaint.

Saying ‘it’s not my fault and there is nothing I can do’ is not likely to make any friends or more particularly make for a satisfied customer. There is often something that can be done to placate the customer. Certainly, do not ignore the problem. This generally makes issues far worse.

As the saying goes ‘treat others how you would wish to be treated yourself’ and you are likely to be rewarded by legions of cheery satisfied customers. As least that’s the theory!


Authors: Stephanie Ball

Published: 09 Jun 2015


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