Lawgistics Execs seek old banger to ride round Europe

media/news/b4bicon.jpgHey Everyone,

Lawgistics are proud to announce that we will be taking part in this years Bangers for BEN. We shall be packing up our gowns and wigs and heading for the continent. Lucky Us…

We will be travelling from our start point at Silverstone (where we get to do a lap) all the way across the channel to Reims, where we will get to see the automobile museum and the Reims Gueux circuit (and drive a lap), which is now just part of the road network.

From Reims we will then travel to Munich and visit the home of BMW and the Oktoberfest for a quick beer or several and then the following day we are off to the Nurburgring (yay another lap). After that, the return journey begins. One last stop in Belgium, Spa Francorchamps (and you guessed it another lap of ) a world famous motor racetrack.

We’ve tossed a coin for who gets to drive, Heads Ian wins, Tails Joel loses and it was pretty conclusive, four coin tosses four victories. Joel will be navigator for the trip and I’ll do all the driving. Hoo Rah! Buckle up boy and hold onto your wig…this could get scary.

The premise is that we purchase a car (banger) for under £750 and drive our way across Europe, do a number of laps at the above circuits and if we and the car make it back our bangers will all be sold at auction and the money made given to BEN.

What we need is a car…

We will consider anything. It can cost us no more than the obligatory £750 but we are happy to accept a donation of a car if anyone is that generous, and just happens to have a car they don’t want just sitting around.

Anyone helping us with our European adventure will not only be doing a good deed for charity, but they will be mentioned repeatedly in our twitter journal, the updates from the office and get ample ad space on the body of our chariot.

So have a look in the garage, shed, lock up or under your beds? If you’ve got an unloved Porsche, Lambo, Aston we’ll gladly take it off your hands, even collect it, perhaps even pay you a small…SMALL amount for it.

So please if you can help….do. It’s for a great cause.

If you have a motor you think would be suitable, please contact me Ian sales manager @ Lawgistics on 01480 455500 or email

We will consider anything......for the right price, or even better FREE.


Authors: Ian Gardner

Published: 15 Jul 2015


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