Range Rover Recall

Any Range Rovers on your forecourt? In particular any 2013 - 16MY Range Rover and Range Rover Sport vehicles?

If so it could be worth having a chat with Range Rover. They have issued a voluntary safety recall of the vehicle due to software issues which may result in the unlatching of the doors without warning.

Apparently, Range Rover will be rectifying this issue free of charge and this should take around 20 minutes. If this applies to you we suggest you get in touch with Range Rover and get this rectified prior to selling the vehicle.

Of course this is not the only manufacturer recall issue we deal with and if you are aware of any others and need our help with this then do let us know.

As usual, any questions or concerns with this, or other manufacturer recalls then please get in touch with us directly for advice.

Authors: Stephanie Ball

Published: 21 Jul 2015


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