Autotrader auto fill mishaps!

We are told by many of our clients that they find it easy to advertise cars for sale via Autotrader but we have recently been dealing with a number of issues arising from such advertisements.

When you enter a vehicles details on to the site take great time and caution when checking the smaller details are correct. Usually Autotrader ‘auto fill’ these in for you automatically, which is great and saves time, however, make sure the actual vehicle you are selling does not differ from the manufacturers specifications that Autotrader generally use.

It could be something as small as the wrong glass, the wrong key or the wrong sound system advertised but it could leave you open and vulnerable to misdescription allegations which could be expensive and you really don’t want.

All is not lost if something is wrongly advertised you can take steps to rectify the error in most cases. However, it will save you time and energy in the future if you carefully check all of the vehicles details before uploading the advertisement on to the site. It will also mean you don’t have Trading Standards knocking on your door with misdescription charges!

Lawgistics members can get advice on this from the Legal Team.

Authors: Stephanie Ball

Published: 21 Jul 2015


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