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Car Dealer Podcast is a new free to listen show aimed wholly at the motortrade. Available six days a week, you will be able to subscribe on iTunes for your iOS device, or download Podcast Addict or Podcast Republic for Android or PODCASTS! for Windows Phone or go to

The show began on Monday and new content is available daily, they are providing an informative and entertaining show which brings humour, chat and insight to listeners with a selection of regular features and guests. Something industry specific to listen to on the way to or from work, or even while sat at your desk.

Here at Lawgistics we are proud to be involved with the project in the form of our very own legal adviser Nona Bowkis, who is co-hosting the legal helpdesk every Tuesday, answering common questions that our legal team face on a daily basis. Listeners are able to submit any queries or questions they may have regarding legal matters, for her to answer within the show. Several episodes are now available, including the one featuring Lawgistics Nona.

Car Dealer podcast aims to provide comment on the news and issues that are trending within the motor trade. It will also allow the listener to help set the agenda for the show and ask questions of the featured guests. I have enjoyed the first few episodes of the show, finding it interesting and easy to listen to. I am sure that if you are involved in the motor trade you will find something in the current episodes or upcoming episodes that will tweak your interest. Download or listen to the show now and help support Derek and Car Dealer Podcast in this new unique venture within our industry.

We at Lawgistics want to wish Derek the best of luck with the podcast and voice our support for this exciting new venture within our industry.


Authors: Ian Gardner

Published: 29 Jul 2015


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