Bangers for BEN2015 - THE COURT IS IN SESSION…

…well almost. We’re ready…well almost. Myself and Joel have chosen our chariot for the forthcoming charity road trip across Europe. Thankyou for all the kind offers we received from dealers up and down the country for cars. We have decided to take a much loved and much battered ‘51’ plate Golf. 140 000 genuine miles on the clock and years of faithful service to its owner. Bangers for BEN is a fitting way to say goodbye to this trusty servant.

We’re taking the law into Europe at the speed of light, ok well not quite but we shall be travelling rapidly between our different destinations and Joel simply cannot wait for the opportunity to be hurled around the different circuits at speeds in excess of the national limit here in Blighty. He already has a worried look upon his face heh heh heh, and for some reason has increased his life insurance provision.

But we are taking this seriously, it’s not just some jolly for the sales and marketing boys of Lawgistics, of course not. We need to raise money, as much as possible for the automotive charity BEN. Also the more we raise the faster we go (while adhering to local traffic and speed laws-of course). You can give here so please be as generous as you can.

Those of you who would like to keep tabs on our progress will be able to follow us on Twitter @LawgisticsSales or get involved #B4B15 or #Bangers4BEN.

It’s hard not to grin when we think of the journey ahead, and it’s fair to say we are like kids waiting for Christmas. ONLY 37 more sleeps until we tear across Europe and back again in a blaze of fancy dress and a convoy of cars that have seen better days, being driven by people many of whom MAY have seen better days.

Again this is all for a really good cause so please give whatever you can and follow us as we make our way, at speed through the highways of our European neighbours.


Please give


Authors: Ian Gardner

Published: 03 Sep 2015


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