New Fight against Parking Fines:

There is a new website that has been launched to assist people in the ongoing fight against unfair parking fines., is a free website which generates letters of appeal for individuals and businesses to use, at the click of a button.

All you have to do is set up a free account, using your email address, type in the details of the fine and a letter will be generated for you.

It covers most reasons for appeals being raised, including one which maybe of particular use to dealers, whereby the offence committed after the date on which you sold the car. We are aware that this can be an issue when customers obtain fines when the vehicle is still registered to a dealer, so should come in handy.

This will also be beneficial when you give courtesy vehicles out to customers, who may incur fines during the hire period. It is therefore important that you keep clear records of dates and times regarding courtesy vehicle usage, which will assist with any appeal. Our vehicle hire agreement pads clearly indicate the dates and times of hire, which will give you this evidence very easily.



Published: 15 Sep 2015


To ensure you are a real person signing up and to prevent automated signups (spamming) could we ask you to copy the letters and numbers shown below into the box.

(cAse SeNSItivE!)

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