Lawgistics Goes Bananas #B4B15

Although better known for the serious business of bringing legal solutions to the motor trade, Lawgistics have a slightly more humorous light hearted side. A side that we shall be showing over this weekend as two members of our team, ‘The Judge’ and ‘The Lawyer’ leave these shores and tear across Europe in the name of charity, (well that’s what they’ve told the office anyway), on the Bangers for Ben 2015 charity rally.

But seriously they are trying to raise as much money for BEN the charity that provides help and assistance to people associated with the motor trade and their families.

Please help BEN continue its great work by helping 'The Judge' and 'The Lawyer' raise as much money as possible.

You can donate by texting LAWG65 £5 to 70070 or go to Lawgistics Just Giving Page and give whatever you feel.

‘The Judge’ will not judge you. Show the charity that cares for the motor trade that the motor trade cares for it. Give ‘The Judge’ and ‘The Lawyer’ as much as you can afford, the more you give the faster they go (obviously while adhering to regional traffic laws….obviously!).

They say it’s not a race…..We’ll be the judge of that. The court is in session…..HOO RAH!

Above - The Lawgistics Bug - VW Golf GTI 2.0 - £700


Authors: Ian Gardner

Published: 08 Oct 2015


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