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Something which has been a hot topic in the news for some time now, is the regulation of Zero Hour Contracts, so as to crack down on their mis-use, the Department of Business and Innovation has released guidance for companies regarding the use of zero hour contracts. This helps to explain how zero hour contracts work and guidance on the best practice or other alternative solutions. Further, it helps to distinguish the difference between when it is appropriate and inappropriate to use zero hour contracts.

-    Zero hour contracts should only be used in genuine situations where you have ad hoc, casual, or seasonal work available. Zero hour contracts do not guarantee the individual of a set number of hours, its use is for when the employer has work available to offer the individual. The individual can refuse the work or accept.

-    Remember, the National Minimum Wage is not affected of altered, the employer must pay at least the minimum wage for the appropriate age bracket. Other statutory rights also remain unaffected such as paid annual leave, rest breaks and protection from discrimination.

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Authors: Roxanne Bradley

Published: 29 Oct 2015


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