Useful new FCA guidance on consumer credit applications

Those of our clients who are FCA registered often complain about navigating their way around the GABRIEL system.

Clearly the FCA have realised that they have some work to do to make their Department a little more user friendly and as a result have recently updated their on-line handbooks.

Following those updates, the FCA have now released a series of videos on how to complete an application for full or interim permission.

The step by step videos are  presented by the lovely Nick Hewer who any Apprentice or Countdown fan will immediate recognise.

So, if you are completing an application and want some advice about whether a client complaint needs to be reported as a significant event or if you need to provide the FCA with a copy of your IT Disaster Recovery Plan, take a few minutes to check out the videos:

FCA Authorisation Application Step by Step Videos


Authors: Nona Bowkis

Published: 29 Oct 2015


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