New Headquarters for Lawgistics

Lawgistics have moved. We have waved goodbye to our old home on the ex US airbase at RAF Alconbury and we have said hello to the slightly more historical and grandiose surroundings of Vinpenta House, a three storey Georgian town house in the centre of local market town Whittlesey. We believe our new base of operations offers us not only the room we need now but space to grow into. It has also given us a degree of gravitas that our last offices were devoid of, more befitting the leading law firm to the motor trade. The fact that the new headquarters for Lawgistics UK is within a stones throw of both of our company Directors homes has nothing to do with the reasons for moving.

As Lawgistics continues to grow, demand for our services has never been greater and as a result we have expanded our legal, admin and sales teams, this enables us to continue dealing with issues promptly and efficiently. The growth of our legal team has made it the largest in the motor industry and the diversity of experience and knowledge we now possess, is reflected in the wide range of matters we routinely deal with.

We are proud of the fact that there has been minimal disruption to our clients during the move and the level of service they have come to expect has not been affected. The move is over now and we are all settling in to our new offices and looking forward to the future.

The move has finished and we are ready for action.

Our new address…

Lawgistics Limited
Vinpenta House
High Causeway


Authors: Ian Gardner

Published: 25 Nov 2015


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