Pensions – Auto Enrolment

As we enter 2016, many small employers will be aware that their time to commence pensions auto enrolment is nearly here. Most small businesses will have to be compliant from April or August 2016, and as such you should already be in the process of setting up your scheme.

Most employers will have had to by now, register their details with the Pension Regulator website and began to complete their online declaration. This is in essence to tell the pension regulator whom your chosen pension provider will be and how many staff will be enrolling with you.

If you haven’t yet sourced a pension plan then we would strongly advice you start looking for one sooner rather than later, especially if your enrolment date is April 2016. You will also need to look at your current payroll software to check that it will be able to cope with the reporting obligations employers will have to comply with once auto enrolment is in play. April will come round sooner than you think so its best to be prepared sooner rather than later.

If you have already sourced your pension provider then you might want to start considering sending information out to your staff in the near future so that they have time to make a fully informed decision before April 2016.

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Published: 05 Jan 2016


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