More rights for zero hour workers

Do you have any workers on a zero hours contract within your company? If so it is worth taking some time to check over their agreement and ensuring you are compliant with new developments on zero hours contracts.

From May 2015 exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts have been prohibited so therefore if you have a worker on a zero hours contract you cannot prevent them from working for another company at the same time as yours. From January 2016 workers now have the power to complain to an employment tribunal where they have been dismissed or have suffered a detriment as a result of working for another company when an exclusivity clause is in place.  From May 2015 to January 2016 there has been little protection for workers who have suffered a detriment as a result of working elsewhere so this new penalty changes the power that workers have.

This change is largely considered to be a very positive step forward for workers. Now they have this additional protection it is very important that you ensure that you are not breaching your employee’s rights and preventing zero hour contract workers from working for another company. If this is not followed then you may find yourself facing a costly employment tribunal claim!


Authors: Stephanie Ball

Published: 02 Feb 2016


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