ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary Dismissal Procedures

The ACAS Code of Practice sets down guidelines to follow when dealing with disciplinary issues in the workplace.  It is prudent to follow the guidelines to be seen to have dealt with such issues fairly.  The requirements include:

-          raise and deal with issues promptly without unreasonable delays

-          act consistently

-          investigate as necessary using all possible sources

-          inform the employee and allow them to defend the case

-          allow employees to be accompanied at meetings

-          allow an appeal against the decision

-          keep periods of suspension, if necessary, as brief as possible and ensure it is not considered part of the disciplinary action

-          prior to the meeting inform the employee of the evidence

-          in the case of misconduct or unsatisfactory performance the employee should be made aware of the timescale to improve, the possible consequences of a failure to improve and how long a warning will stay on his/her record.

We have a number of template letters to assist clients in dealing with disciplinary hearings. 

Published: 11 Jan 2010


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