Consumer Rights Wrongs

This legislation appears to be used by anyone who simply wants free use of a car for 30 days and then seek to demand their money back because of so called “faults”.

It must be remembered that such “faults” must be present at the point of sale AND render the vehicle not satisfactory quality and/or fit for purpose.

These top 3 “reasons” for attempted rejection under the Act all crossed the writer’s desk in the just the last week. We rejected their reasons for rejection!

a.    The parcel shelf has a clip missing.
b.    The cup holder does not work.
c.    The FM button on the radio is not working.

Sadly, it is those people who should know better who say “if ANYTHING goes wrong within the first 30 days.........” that give over expectation to consumers.

It is “advice” like that which is not of satisfactory quality......


Authors: Jason Williams

Published: 13 Apr 2016


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