If the Court say jump, just do it!

Recently, we had a case before the Bournemouth & Poole County Court, where the Claimant, a consumer, sought to claim third party repair costs, which he had purportedly incurred in respect of a vehicle supplied by our client. The claim was hotly contested.

The matter came before the Court at a directions hearing in November when, amongst other things, the Claimant was ordered to deliver up copies of invoices for the repair work allegedly done.

The Claimant failed to comply with such order and an ‘unless’ order was made in February compelling production of the invoices by a specified date.
Again, the Claimant failed to comply with the Order of the Court, his Claim was automatically struck out and the hearing fixed for April was vacated.
Another win for the trader, albeit by default! They all count.

So, if you would like the Greek Goddess of Victory to bestow her blessings on your case, do as the Court orders.


Authors: Howard Tilney

Published: 27 Apr 2016


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